Simco liquid level gauges can be supplied with a range of accessories to suit different types of gauges and the varying services in which they will operate.  The most common / typical types offered are shown in the list below however however please make direct enquiry should you have any specific requirements which are not shown.

Glass Shields

For transparent gauges Mica shields offer excellent protection in steam service or for corrosive environments there is the option of installing KEL-F shields.

Calibrated Scales

Direct reading calibrated scales can be provided as an accessory, these are most commonly produced in blue traffolyte with white etched markings which offer excellent visibility and are held to the gauge by stainless steel clips.  Scales can be offered with either single or dual markings to suit clients different requirements..

Non-Frosting Extensions

For reflex and transparent gauges to prevent frost build up over visible glass.

Recommended height of Non-Froster for various temperatures is as follows

Temperature of medium Height
-32°C 25mm
-54°C 51mm
-76°C 76mm
-97°C 102mm
-120°C 127mm


Two different types of flameproof / explosion proof illuminators can be supplied for use with transparent gauges.

  • LED illuminators which are supplied complete with mounting brackets
  • Bulb type illuminators which are supplied complete with mounting brackets and perspex diffusers.

For detailed technical information relating to our illuminators please contact us directly.

Expansion Loop

Designed for reflex and transparent gauges and located between the top valve and the gauge this eliminates the need for stuffing box end stem construction as the coil absorbs expansion and contraction.

Drain / Vent Valves

All gauge types can be supplied with drain and vent valves can be supplied in various types / styles and materials which are common to the the main instrument body,  Some of the most frequently supplied types include the following;

  1. Ball valves
  2. Gate valves
  3. Needle valves

Heating / Cooling Chamber

Where it is required to maintain the temperature of the liquid in a reflex or transparent gauge close to the temperature of the liquid in vessel gauges can be provided with externally mounted heating or cooling chambers.

Float Damper Springs

For magnetic gauges it is sometimes necessary to consider a float damper spring at the top / bottom.  The spring will help protect the float in the event of a sudden loss of pressure or surge in pressure within the system.